Bring Me Back My Ink and Parchment! (Kidding)

So we just finished the Remediation Project, WHOO HOO! Who would’ve thought? When we were introduced to this project back in September, I remember wondering how the heck I was going to pull something like this off. I’ve talked about my bewilderment with the new media stuff in a writing class in previous blog posts, so I’ll just fast forward to how I’m feeling about it all post-project. I think working with video a bit this semester has opened a new door in writing for me. I’m still a fan of the traditional “Word Document, on-paper” writing format, but there’s something really cool about actually seeing your words acted out in a video. Writing for a video is much more deliberate than writing just for the sake of writing. You actually have to say what you mean, you can’t just expect a reader to imagine it all. It forces you to be clear and direct about what you are envisioning. But that also means that the viewer sees exactly what you intended them to see. Video gives you a much greater sense of control, which can be daunting, because it means you have a lot more responsibility, but that’s really neat at the same time. Video also changes the way certain lines or scenes are conveyed. The way the actors convey a few lines can make them much funnier than if readers were just to see those lines on a page. It make me wonder if it would be worth it to write much more deliberately and explicitly ┬áin traditional writing- to make the reader to see exactly what you want them to see. Maybe Hemingway had the right idea. I don’t know, but I’ve definitely caught the bug for new media writing since doing this project and it’s made me think more about how I write in general.

Sonalee Joshi

Sonalee is a fourth year student in the College of LSA with an Honors major in Biopsychology, Cognition, & Neuroscience with a Sweetland Minor in Writing.

2 thoughts to “Bring Me Back My Ink and Parchment! (Kidding)”

  1. I feel the same way in regards to enjoying the new media stuff but still feeling much more comfortable writing on a traditional word document. I almost felt overwhelmed in my remediation project that I could pretty much do whatever I wanted, and that I wasn’t bound by what I could type on the page. I also found the same discrepancy between reading a written script in your head and hearing someone else act out a script. Acting is an entirely different ball game (albeit of which I know very little), but I do know that they way you present something can undoubtedly change its meaning. I know for example that some sentences have entirely different meanings depending on your inflection and emphasis, and this can also affect how funny a joke is when read.

  2. I completely agree with you! I was also so scared going into this project (as you know) and it’s absolutely an awesome feeling to have finished it. Having never made any sort of video before, I also found it to be quite different and eye-opening, able to edit and cut clips to achieve the right meaning – there’s a certain freedom to it for sure. Like Jake, I’m still more comfortable with the traditional word document, but that’s probably just because I have so much more experience with it. Like you, I’ll absolutely try to expand my digital media horizons in the future.

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