Can Wes Anderson Just Hire Me Now? (Storyboarding)

So I story boarded for the first time the other day for my remediation project video, and I’m pretty sure I can officially call myself a professional TV/movie screenwriting masterĀ (or not, yeah definitely not.) I haven’t really done a video for a class project before, and when I came up with this idea, I think I kind of expected to just wing it with a general script or outline of some of things I wanted my video to cover. Actually sitting down to storyboard my ideas for the first time was like the first time I actually learned to plan an essay. It definitely made me panic a bit to realize all of the details I hadn’t considered, but it was really helpful in getting my vision organized in my own head. As a self-proclaimed artist, I’m definitely a little bit embarrassed by the quality of the visual images, but they still helped me set up the scenes more easily in my head, and made me think about the best way to plan camera angles and locations for shooting. I was also forced to go back to models of videos similar to mine to get a better feel of what kinds of shots to set up and how to transition between scenes. It’s been really helpful to have a rough sketch of my ideas to reference for my script, which I can now write with clear ideas and add a lot of detail to. Maybe I should just switch majors to Screenwriting. Somebody hand me my Oscar. Kidding aside, even my rudimentary, pathetic, basic attempt at organizing my ideas has been quite helpful for tackling this project, and I’m looking forward to see it all translate to camera.

Storyboard for Remediation Project, six panels, stick figure drawings in each with captions at the bottom

Sonalee Joshi

Sonalee is a fourth year student in the College of LSA with an Honors major in Biopsychology, Cognition, & Neuroscience with a Sweetland Minor in Writing.

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  1. You shouldn’t be embarrassed by the quality of your images! You would be a lot less embarrassed if you saw mine – believe it or not I struggle with stick figures. I felt the same way about storyboarding though, in that I was ridiculously embarrassed with my storyboard, but still found it extremely helpful to planning out and visualizing my project. It’s something I usually do before every business-related presentation, but not something I’ve done in writing before. I can definitely see myself storyboarding in the future for these sorts of project even if it’s not required, just because I found it so helpful.

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