Confused Wanderings of the Portfolio

Today, I spent hours tweaking Wix every which way to design my portfolio. Because, you see, I have this vision in my minds. But somehow, it’s not translating quite the way I want it too. I envision a simple, minimalist compilation of the works I’ve been proud to create during my college career, and specifically, during this Minor. But topics overlap, works don’t fall neatly into categories, and it’s getting much more cluttered than I had anticipated.

I also loved the portfolio I had created for Writing 220. It was a little cheesy, but I liked the way it looked and the message it showed. The message for this portfolio is still very much the same: the importance of valuing time and living in the present. So as I develop this new portfolio, I want it to have the same feel as the original, giving people the same sense about its creator. From talking with our groups today, there were two great ideas on organization that I hope to adopt soon.

1. Segment by genre of writing and have it not be as tailored to Minor in Writing specific work vs. external work.

2. Segment by purpose: Minor in Writing, Academic Writing, Miscellaneous extra

The format that I ultimately choose also depends on how ubiquitous I want this portfolio to be. Having put in so much time, ideally, I would like it to be outward facing as well. But if that’s the case, I need to make it easily understandable for someone who’s not familiar with all our requirements and our jargon. On the flip side, if I make it very externally accessible, I’m worried that the evaluators will have trouble identifying the pieces specific to the Minor.

So you see, it’s been quite a dilemma, and hopefully, I’ll resolve it soon. But at the end of all this I still know what my vision is. Simple. Minimalist. A showcase.

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