Dont Talk About It Be About It

Writing is a thing I used to do simply because I love it. Now that I am a writing minor I find myself very interested in what is the “right way,” to do something or what type of writing will produce¬†the grade I want to see at the top of my page in red ink. I have almost gotten lost in the due dates and grades that I have left the reason why I truly write. Does anyone else feel this way?


I am a hyprocrite! I tell people how easy writing is for me when I zone in and write but then I complain about it all the time. I tell people to write for fun and then writing for classwork will be become easier but I never write for fun anymore. There is just no time. I am clearly loosing sight of a few important things here. Now to make a checklist for the things i have forgottent o do that I must wedge back into my schedule somehow.






5- Ayana Time

6- Relax


8- Be career bound instead of being day to day sufficient


Next task is to get these things done. Ready set BEGIN!!!!!

oH and think about project III, Eportfolio, dance, NOiR (Student Org), PBG (student Org), Leaders and Best (job), proteges, family, friends, boyfriend, event planning, birthdays…etc……. ¬†ALL WITH A SMILE!





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  1. Ayana, you make the observation that as students, we often become too caught up in working towards a certain grade or other parameter; and so lose touch with what’s important to us as writers: simply, to produce good writing that we are proud of and that others will enjoy. I too find myself in this predicament. I often take an assignment, write until I’ve covered all my bases, upload the final product to CTools, and hope I’ll get an A. In the meanwhile, I forget to check that what I’ve written is reflective of my skills and my ideas. Further, I forget that what I just submitted could have been a craft, just as much as it was an assignment. Your post was an important reminder that when we are acting as students, we must also remember that we are writers.

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