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As I have been working more on my e-portfolio, the question of what I will use for my other writing section has been haunting me. I want to add writing that will further display my identity, but I legitimately do not know what else to include.  I’ve decided against history papers. They don’t say anything about me. For the same reason, I’ve also decided against psychology and sociology papers. I want my other writing section to further showcase me, not just other papers that I’ve written.

When I think about writing that showcases me, I think of my journal. But obviously my journal will not be making a debut on my e-portfolio. The papers that I wrote for English 125 come closer, but they still seem too personal to make so public.

There is one paper that I can think of that might work as other writing. I wrote it for English 125, but it incorporates a lot of themes from a sociology course on nationalism that I was also taking at the time. The paper basically compares patriotism and nationalism, arguing that they’re the same thing just with different connotations. The paper analyzes a few of my personal experiences with nationalism/patriotism, but overall it is rather academic. It’s personal too, but still probably more academic.

I think that I could use this paper in my other works section, but for it to work I would have to properly frame it with reflective writing. I also plan to include the paper that I repurposed in my other works section. For this paper too, reflective writing will be key to framing it’s inclusion on my e-portfolio.

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  1. I can definitely understand your hesitancy to put personal writing on your eportfolio, but I hope you consider the possibility that adding pieces that have a personal touch might be a positive addition to your portfolio! It is about you, after all! I’m a huge hypocrite for suggesting this, because the thought of doing that myself is terrifying and I’m not sure I’m brave enough. The “Why I Write” essay we did for this class was one of the most personal things I’ve ever written and it felt icky making it at times.
    What I’ve been keeping in mind is my audience, because above all, I’m making my portfolio for me. Maybe I’ll put that creative piece in that I’m self-conscious about. I hope you do too!

  2. Lia,

    I agree with Brie. Obviously, you don’t want to put personal writing in your portfolio if it makes you too uncomfortable. In my case, I’ve really started to think about my portfolio as a showcase of me, not just my writing. I’m presenting my writing, but I’m also presenting myself through my writing. That can mean simply my “voice” and it can mean specifying events in my life and thoughts/emotions that I had at those times. You may not want your portfolio to be anything like that. I think I remember you wanting your to be more professional, so I can understand you not wanting to post things from your journal. Your journal is probably more private than the personal writing I’m including in my portfolio. Still, I would definitely encourage you to include some form of personal writing. I think your portfolio can be personal and still professional!

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