I would never really describe myself as a grammar snob, but recently I was in a situation where my inner grammar nerd emerged. I am part of a committee planning an event and we have created flyers. On the flyer it said “MACS and SHEI Magazine presents Fashion Speaks.” When I read it, I knew it was wrong, and couldn’t believe that no one had caught this major mistake before the flyer went to print. Immediately, I texted the other committee members explaining the rules involved with subject verb agreement. The flyer should say present, NOT presents. The worst thing was, that one of the members thought presents was correct, and put up a fight about it. After a lot of convincing, the flyer was changed to say “MACS and SHEI Magazine present Fashion Speaks.” It was clear to me at that moment that I definitely am a writing minor.


Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 2.35.11 PM


Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 2.35.20 PM

Another thing that really irks me is when people use the apostrophe “s” the wrong way. I feel like this rule has been taught millions of time and that as college students, we should know the correct way to use an apostrophe. Although I may criticize others for their poor grammar, I do realize that sometimes we all make mistakes. However, someone needs to lay down the grammar law…right?


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