Home To Me Is Reality, And All I Need Is Something Real

One thing I could never get tired of is my family and my best friends. Sure I can get sick of them, and argue with them from time to time, but it means so much to me to have them in my life. Relationships with people are more valuable to me than anything. It’s around this time of year, Thanksgiving, that I am especially aware of how much my people mean to me. Of course the holiday prompts us to think about what we are thankful for, but also it’s often the first time I have seen or even spoken to most of my home friends and some of my relatives since August. I forget how much I miss them until I am reunited with them, and in the words of OAR, “When I’m with my friends I feel home”.

I take the term of “best friend” very seriously. I would be willing to do so much for anyone I would label a best friend and I hold high expectations for them to reciprocate that. I am so grateful to have people in my life that I know I can count on to help me in all the ways a person can be helped. I am grateful that if I’ve been in a lonely period where I didn’t know many people, such as the first days in a new place, my true friends and my family help me through that.

Going to the 4th of July fireworks has always been a tradition with my friends.
Going to the 4th of July fireworks has always been a tradition with my friends.

When it comes to family, I am always cognizant of how lucky I am that I have parents who love me and love each other. Not everyone gets to have that. They never make me feel like I have to get certain grades or be perfect, and I appreciate that since I’m obviously not perfect. My big brothers are my role models and because of the age difference between us, my oldest brother is almost more of a second father. He helps me with career and life advice, while my other brother is always the one I go to for a laugh.

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