How Did This Happen?

It seems like just yesterday I was sitting on the couch by the fire, watching college football, enjoying food I didn’t have to make from a bowl I didn’t have to wash while wearing clean clothes I didn’t launder.

Oh wait, it was…


We’re back already? Time to get to the end of the semester. With less than two weeks left in each of my classes but more than 40% of my grade on the line in my other three classes, I have to keep reminding myself how much this time of year matters. My brain just wants it to be winter break already!!

Ready for the sprint to the end of the semester!

My project will be workshopped in class on Wednesday, and I’m excited for you all to let me know what you think! Currently pretending to be a presidential speechwriter, working fast and furiously as if I am a presidential advisor. #thanksObama for giving so many speeches in the last few weeks for me to draw from!

P.S. Does anyone else sit in a way where their foot falls asleep while studying? I don’t think it’s waking up this time…

Katie Koziara

During the school year, I can usually be found doing a few things: studying domestic health policy, working as a student coordinator for the Public Service Intern Program, exploring different restaurants around Ann Arbor, running my regular loop around the Big House, or catching up on one of my many, many favorite television shows.

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