I Hate iMovie

For my repurposing project, I turned an academic paper I wrote into a short story. I struggled for a while to think of an exciting way to remediate the story and ultimately decided to make two to three trailers for the “film adaptation” of the story (and possibly a poster…tbd). When I thought of the idea, I thought to myself, Oh – that’s a cool idea! It can’t be that hard right? Well, I was wrong – it is absolutely that hard, especially for a person like myself who has never done anything of the sort before.

screenshot of iMovie's layout I've been struggling to learn
screenshot of iMovie’s layout I’ve been struggling to learn

I’m using iMovie to create the trailers, which has some pretty awesome templates that produce great homemade trailers. Short aside – I had to re-purchase iMovie because I had earlier deleted it thinking I would never have to use it…funny right? What I didn’t exactly realize though is all the different elements you need to understand just to create a simple minute-and-a-half trailer. There are medium shots, close-ups, landscape shots, two-person shots, and like a million others that I’ve had to study in order to start making a storyboard and script.

What could be a replica of myself...
What could be a replica of myself…

Though interesting to learn this entirely new technology, it’s been a frustrating process so far. The first time I sat down with iMovie to try seriously to figure out how to use it, I spent an hour attempting to close a window I unintentionally opened. It’s really a miracle I didn’t break something in my frustration. I’ll definitely be attending one of the iMovie workshops Naomi recommended, as it’ll hopefully make things slightly less confusing and painful (if anyone wants to go with me, let me know). I think in the end I’ll actually be really proud of the final result, no matter its actual success. Writing is something I know, but this is certainly something I do not. Though it might seem daunting now, I enjoy the prospect of challenging myself. The greatest satisfaction might just be pulling off something you never thought you could. I have my doubts right now, but we’ll just have to see how I’m feeling come December 10th.

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  1. Deep breaths, it’s going to be okay! Don’t worry, I feel like I’m in the exact same panic mode about putting together a video. But I think all the stress will be worth it at the end of this project. Your idea is really cool, I loved the short story and I think I’m going to actually want to see the movie when you’re done with the trailers! It’s weird how going into a video project, you think it’s just going to be like writing any other sort of creative writing piece- all you have to do is film it! But then you realize just how specific everything has to be. That’s definitely a scary thought. But I think if we just take it step by step, it’ll all work out. Luckily, there are a lot of cool action movie trailers on the web that you can get inspiration from for types of shots and editing style. Anyway, best of luck, I’d be happy to (try valiantly to) help if you have any questions.

  2. Jeff,

    You already know that I love your idea, and I’m really looking forward to watching your trailers. I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time with iMovie. I’ll probably go to one of the iMovie workshops too, since your post (and comment on my post) kind of scared me about the prospect of using it. I really think the workshop will help you, though, and save you some time spent frustratingly trying to figure out iMovie. Sometimes it’s better to just ask for help – something I’m finally learning thanks to this project. Good luck!

    Sorry, no talking dolphins.

  3. As somebody who also spent a long time trying to do something relatively simple in iMovie, I completely empathize with your frustrations. One thing that really helped me was to watch YouTube tutorials, especially because you can rewind them to watch how something is done multiple times. I’d still recommend going to the iMovie workshops and potentially visiting from on-campus resources like the Tech Deck for some tailored help, but definitely check out some youtube tutorials as well. Here’s an example I found useful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J79_0h3ozS0

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