I Miss You, Fall

As I sit in my living room looking out into the mid-November blizzard that is upon us (I’m still in a little bit of shock), I can’t help but miss warmer temperatures. I’m not even dreaming of 75 degrees and sunny, because all I want is some more fall weather. Fall has been my favorite season for as long as I can remember; I could never get tired of it.

From cozy sweaters, hot apple cider and football season to bonfires, Thanksgiving and the leaves changing colors, the list of why I love this season so much seems endless. Even when compared to the others, fall always prevails in my mind. The hot and humid feeling of summer gets old, spring more often than not just brings rain, and if you think your favorite season is winter, try trudging through piles of snow with the below-freezing wind blowing in your face and then get back to me. Fall is the perfect happy medium.

I think it’s safe to say that weather can impact people’s mood, and clearly the sight of crisp red and orange leaves surrounded by blue skies is my happy place. I’ve never felt the need to be thankful for a season before, but looking back I am very grateful for being able to grow up experiencing all four seasons, even if one does stand out from the rest.

I am also currently very grateful for fuzzy snow boots and warm blankets. Burrr.



Can I live here?
Can I live here?


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