Tackling iMovie through trial and error

In my attempt to create a John Oliver-esque satire bit, I’ve realized that superimposing images and videos into other videos isn’t quite as easy as I imagined. If you’re not familiar with John Oliver’s show Last Night Tonight, it’s a satirical news show that features John Oliver speaking on a certain issue with about a dozen or so superimposed visual aids in every 5-10 minute segment.┬áIt looks like this (and here’s a link to a full segment on YouTube):

So I browsed youtube until I found some useful tutorials. Unfortunately the first two I found used versions of iMove that were different that the one I have installed on my laptop, and I wasted about 10 minutes watching completely useless videos. but eventually I found the following video:

I haven’t recorded any of my actual video yet, so I played around using practice images and was able to superimpose them correctly after many failed attempts to even import them into iMovie. I’ve learned that the drag-and-drop feature doesn’t work if your clips are in the wrong format, and also that iMovie is pretty hard to pick up and self-teach. Although some things are intuitive, there are SO MANY little icons that do not have functions that are not clear from their appearance. For example, how am I supposed to know that the button with a key on it does, until you actually click it? There’s a lot of things going on in the interface, and just figuring out how to superimpose images took me a decent amount of time. I imagine that learning how to edit and polish videos will also take a while to learn, which is frustrating but also exciting at the same time because I have so much to learn.


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  1. Hi Jake,
    If it’s any consolation, I am also quite nervous about using iMovie. I played around with it briefly for another video project I worked on, and it definitely has a bit of a learning curve. It’s good that you’re playing with it now so you can make mistakes before actually editing any of your own clips. I’m definitely not deleting any footage off the camera until I’ve clicked “upload” on YouTube and am completely sure every clip is where it needs to be. I really like your project idea, and I’m really excited to see how it turns out. I think it’s really cool that you’re trying to superimpose images onto your video, and I think that will definitely make it look very professional. Best of luck on your editing endeavors and let me know if you have any questions about iMovie (I probably won’t know the answer either, but maybe two heads are better than one?)

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