Indecisiveness and ePortfolio “Other Writing”

For someone who is usually so scatterbrained when it comes to making writing decisions, I’ve been surprisingly focused when it comes to designing my ePortfolio. With the timeliness of my beginning to apply to internships to this summer, the idea of having a synthesized, digital timeline of my writing development to present to potential employers has been particularly motivating.

With that said, I have had a general idea of the “other writing” I want to include in my ePortfolio. Optimally, I’d like to incorporate my personal food/restaurant blog, some kind of sample from my internship at Food Network Magazine this summer, and my Writing Minor Blog. However, I haven’t determined which portions of those writings and in which way I want to include. I would love some suggestions!

For my food blog, I’m toying with the idea of linking to one of my favorite/most impressive posts, and from there my readers can explore the rest of the blog. Do you guys think that will be a thorough enough representation of my blog?

I’m most indecisive about which professional writing samples to include. Some of the samples that do not necessarily display the most creativity utilized a lot of sales related skills. A lot of the examples are pitch presentations, restaurant guides, or data compilations rather than creative writing. Do you guys think those kinds of examples would be valuable to include as well?

I just wish we could go back and play around with Wix templates more! But I know the final product will be something I’m really proud of.

Sarah Schuman

Hi! I'm Sarah, from the Chicago area. I write more eloquently with a chai latte by my side.

2 thoughts to “Indecisiveness and ePortfolio “Other Writing””

  1. Sarah,

    I have loved getting to look at your ePortfolio. Your exigency–to appeal to potential employers while still engaging the average viewer–is clear throughout, which makes the portfolio so easy to look at.

    As for as the content of your ePortfolio goes, I think it’s a great idea to add parts of your food blogs. When you’re picking them, why don’t you look for ones you either 1. think are well-written 2. you loved writing or 3. you loved the food you wrote about! I also definitelyyyy think the less creative writing is okay to include! Everything we’ve done in this class has been creative, so I actually think it’s a really good idea to add different styles for employers to see.

    I can’t wait to see the final product!

  2. Hi Sarah,

    It is definitely a great idea to include your food blog, but it is a question of how to connect them together. I think it would be good to create a separate tab for your food blog and incorporate minor blog under your minor writing category. Also, it is a question of naming your tabs. You can either name them directly as “food” or you can be more creative to figure out a way to connect all the tabs and to make the transition more smooth instead of simply present them.

    The idea of linking your favorite blog post would work well because that shows your best side to your potential employer and saves their time to read through the whole blog. It also gives them the option to further investigate about you if they are interested.

    I don’t think it hurts to put your other writing pieces into the eportfolio because you never know which part of your work stands out to your employer. If you want to make it really professional, I think it also depends on who you consider to be your potential employer. If they are publication companies, food industry or advertising agencies, you should certainly include all of your writing pieces that you think stand out. If you are considering something else, you might need to reconsider whether to include your food blog and some unrelated presentation of you.

    Hope it helps. Good luck on your eportfolio, and I know it will turn out great.

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