Let’s mock it up!

My remediation project traveled a long way before it becomes what it is right now. In the beginning, I wanted to create a Podcast station to broadcast about shopping experiences of UM students. Basically, my plan is to make it  a free style station, which would include casual interviews and conversations. However, I found Podcast is not the best choice for a theme like shopping. The final project would be much better if it could have some visual elements. Therefore, I turned to Instagram with the suggestions from my group members. There my ideal is to make an instagram gallery that includes UM students street fashion images and also interviews from those people, but I learned there was words limit and I couldn’t create a long About page to introduce the project, thus, made it harder for the audience to understand my exigence. Looking through previous students’ remediation examples, I figured out the best medium for me should be a website. Though we are doing another website for eportfolio, I think there is potential and room for me to express my idea and create a more focused platform about shopping. My final decision is to create a Wix website since I am very familiar with it, and the design and functions can better deliver my messages.

It is always a story of choices, from planning to taking action and observing the growth and final results. I started to create another site for my remediation, and it automatically direct me to choose template. To be honest, I almost went through all of the templates and chose the one appears here under thousand times of comparison. One thing I really like about Wix is that you could see the actual appearance of the website as you move things around. Because I’m a detail-oriented person, I couldn’t bear any tilt or weird structure of the website. Although I very much enjoyed the designing process, it really took much longer time than I expected. I chose a template originally designed for a tailor company because the style is simple but close to my theme. I named my website Happy Closet, which intended to emphasis the relationship between shopping and happiness; in addition, I put a UM logo on top of the website title to narrow the group of the target audience. Then comes the layout, the paragraph position, the image position, the font, the size, and a lot more details. I have learned to add feedback, add anchor to pages, etc. I love to see the result comes out successfully when I apply my learning. I should say remediation is much more fun than simply writing, and I look forward to seeing everyone’s  final works because they are the presentation of our great efforts.

Mock-up 2 web pages of Happy Closet website
Mock-up 2 web pages of Happy Closet website
Mock-up web pages of Happy Closet website
Mock-up web pages of Happy Closet website


Enni Zhao

If, for the sake of amour and cuisine, I must pay, I would then give my life away.

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  1. Hi Enni!

    I’m glad to hear that you’ve narrowed in on a medium for your project that you are comfortable with. Plus, practicing with Wix now will prepare you so well for when we work on our ePortfolios more.

    I’m definitely going to seek your help with Wix for the ePortfolio! You can tell that you’ve put a lot of time into learning the ins and outs and affordances of the site. Now, I’m looking forward more to seeing the actual content of your site. I think it’s a great idea to include a University of Michigan logo to make your target audience clear. Can you think of other ways, that are maybe more latent, to target your audience?

    From the look of your screenshots, it seems like you are off to a great start! I love your clean, minimalist design.

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