My Afterlife Should Contain the Following:

A short list of things I could never get tired of:


1. The band Wilco.

Of all the music I listen to, the one band that I will never get sick of is Wilco. I’ve seen them in concert numerous times, watched all the documentaries, own every album. The band’s diversity encapsulates every type of song and style that you could ever need or want.



2. Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood

Something about this book is magical. It creeped me out but something about the story just never let me go. This is kind of an odd thing to list for something that I can never get tired of because reading this book over and over again is not a frequent activity for me, but for some reason, to this day it stays on my mind.



3. The podcast Serial

I hope to God that they continue to produce this podcast because since its existence, its consumed all of my free time. It’s very similar to In Cold Blood, but in podcast form, with new dimensions of the story added week by week.


4. Hmmm, what else. I’m thankful for good ice cream. Specifically, the Brambleberry Crisp ice cream flavor from Jeni’s Ice Cream (which can be found throughout Ohio and now Chicago!)


5. Also, Korean barbecue.

Seriously. So good.
Seriously. So good.


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