Not a novel idea, but a necessary reminder

So I just got home after attending the Writer to Writer event at Literati Bookstore where author Laura Kasischke was interviewed. It did not feel like a whole hour. I’m going to try to summarize some stuff I heard.

It seemed like a lot of what she had to say connected to one main idea, which is somewhat difficult to articulate in spite of how simple it might seem: in order to be successful as a writer (however it is that you define success), you have to write. You have to force yourself to spend a little time each day writing – no excuses.

This is something I’ve heard before, multiple times.

She spoke briefly about writers’ block, something I’m sure none of us are strangers to, and what she does to overcome it — she writes, even if it feels like she’s drowning (I’m paraphrasing a lot here).

She ¬†mentioned how necessary it is to find a topic that you’re “obsessed with,” so that you can find the joy in writing about it.¬†Perhaps more importantly, she spoke about how it is imperative that we not expect everyone else to be obsessed with those same topics.

Writers need to write, in spite of our hectic, unpredictable daily lives. Because, let’s face it – life and writing are not mutually exclusive. Laura made a remark about how she broke her ankle and got a poem out of it – not that she suggests we go break our ankles to become better writers, but she figured it was going to happen anyways so the least she could do was get a poem from it.

The idea that aspiring writers need to allot time every day to write is not a novel idea, but it’s something that requires constant reminding. It’s much easier said than done, I think.

I’ve only highlighted some of the key points that stuck out to me about Laura’s interview, but we were told that the recording would be turned into a podcast, so if you weren’t able to come tonight and are interested in what she said, I recommend looking it up.

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