Podcasts, Dads, Time, and Stress

Project 3 scares me. Through my Radiolab audio-podcast, I’ll be venturing into some new territory.

There are two difficulties in my project: one, bearing the recorded sound of my own voice and two, organizing and directing a meaningful conversation with my dad and others that ultimately stays true to the points I aim to make. The last part is requiring a lot more orchestration than I imagined. Recruiting friends to serve the roles of well-established psycholinguists is daunting — I feel like I need an interview process — and finding time to record hours worth of conversation with my father has been difficult.

I’ll lay out my plan:

1. record convo with dad

2. record convo with friends as well-established psycholinguists

3. find interesting parts of convo to format into a podcast

4. record my own voice as a filler from convo to convo (similar to actual Radiolab)

5. merge all of this with music and commercials and all

I’m looking forward to moving past the early stages of the project. Hopefully I can jump in soon.


Here’s how Radiolab makes their podcasts –> http://vimeo.com/66583939

The first image that comes up on Google when you search "Stressed out"
The first image that comes up on Google when you search “Stressed out”

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