Project 3 Already?

I can’t believe it’s already mid-November. It seems like this semester was just beginning and now there’s only about a month left. Which means this course is slowly creeping to an end…but not without a few more assignments. It’s finally time for project 3: remediation. I had a lot of fun with project 2, repurposing a past essay about my dad into several comic strips. Now, to remediate that comic into a new platform, I came up with a couple ideas. At first, I was thinking about creating a Buzzfeed quiz that would build off of my comic, Superdad. The quiz would have been titled, “Which Superdad character are you?” and would lead quiz-takers to a certain character from my comics based on their answers. But after talking with T about my options, I decided this was not the way I wanted to take this project. I didn’t think it would be very useful since my comic isn’t actually published anywhere and no buzzfeed users would actually take the quiz.

I decided I needed to go with a plan that was more broad and would be relatable to a larger audience. After looking at different kinds of buzzfeed posts, I decided to create a post that illustrated all the of things that dad’s who have only daughters have to go through (because that was the general idea in my comic strips). As of right now, I think the title of the article is going to be, “Things That Dads With Only Daughters Have To Go Through.” I know I will be able to take some of the ideas out of my comics, such as having to watch girly movies, and incorporate them into this post. I plan on creating a post with a format similar to this one:

Like to the buzzfeed article I linked to above, I want to find gifs that work with my writing and aid in the messages I’m trying to convey. Again, I think this project is going to be very fun and I’m very thankful to have a dad worth writing about.

Thanks for the inspiration, dad!


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