Project III: It’s Coming Along

For my third project I am remediating my mock article for The New Yorker into an informative Pinterest board. Even though Pinterest is commonly known as a way for people to browse and explore their interests–for example recipes, home decor, and fashion–I still think it will be a great platform to showcase elements of my Project II. My true inspiration came from a common occurrence I recognized among a few pinners who I follow. In particular, two of my older cousins are teachers and they are constantly pinning ideas, tips, and examples of how to improve/innovate their teaching. These pins about things like name tag designs, games that foster learning, and printable worksheets gave me the inspiration I needed to create a Pinterest board that offers useful information about cover letters. Although my cousins’ boards are more for their own use, I still think it is possible for my board to act as a reference for my followers to utilize as well.

I decided to title my board “Cover Letters 101,” in order to convey a light yet informative tone and make it clear to my audience that it includes a wide range of information about cover letters, just like an introductory course that has “101” in the title. I have begun creating pins of links to sources I used in Project II, as well as a pin that links to the actual project itself. I plan on making pins for all my sources from my second project, and then doing some more research to find any and all relatable websites/images to pin. My one concern at this stage of the project is whether or not I will have enough content for my board. One beauty of Pinterest is that each user has the creative freedom to make their boards how they want. But, I still want my board to look and feel as real and natural as any other board I have created in my own time. Additionally, I want this board to be useful and relatable to my audience, and I think it will be interesting to see if any of my current followers “re-pin” elements from this project!


See...Pinterest can be educational, too!
Learning doesn’t need to be boring…

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