Remediation & ePortfolio Mockups

For my remediation project, I made a very basic mock-up of my brochure. I didn’t have a clear vision for what colors and themes I wanted to use so I just drew a very simple layout for each page. It made me realize that I definitely want to explore online brochure templates so that I don’t have to create my layout from scratch. The Brother Creative Center offers a lot of free brochure templates so I’ll have to look into those for the next phase of my project. I’m sure I’ll start running into problems once I start using the templates, but so far my project seems like it will be fairly straightforward.


For my ePortfolio, I found a template on WiX that I love so I based my mockup entirely on that. For the main page, the layout has a simple title and background photo without any explanatory text. I like this template because it allows me to ease the audience into my ePortfolio without first becoming immediately overwhelmed with text. There are tabs at the top that users can click on to navigate, including an “About” button that will link to an explanation of my portfolio. Certain features of editing have been a little frustrating but for the most part things are going smoothly. My only concern is how I plan on displaying all my writing from this class. I can’t decide if I want each project in a separate tab or if I should put all the pieces under one general category and do sub-tabs.

photo1-6Eportfolio screenshot

Annie Humphrey

Boston, MA native. Senior BCN major with premed focus. I love singing, writing, and having meaningful conversations with people.

3 thoughts to “Remediation & ePortfolio Mockups”

  1. I think it’s interesting that you designed your e-portfolio mock-up after finding a layout on Wix to use. I did the same thing. This makes me think that the outlining of web design (for someone who doesn’t use code) might be best done online. While, there are “blank” templates on Wix, even these are limited to the design capabilities that Wix offers. Don’t we have to look at the options before we can create an outline? With other media, the options are more infinite, lending themselves nicely to an outline (coming only the mind). But Wix seems different to me. What do you think?

  2. Yeah it is interesting to see how our visions for our projects are shaped by templates. To be honest I still haven’t picked a template yet; I’m trying to come up with a solid idea and then find a template that will allow me to work with that. Maybe your way is better, ’cause I’m not really getting anywhere quickly.
    I really liked the way your e-portfolio was shaping up in class last week, though. Best of luck

  3. Annie,

    I really love your design of the e-portfolio! It is so great to see all of your ideas coming to life! I am not quite sure how I want to present my various projects either. Since we also have to add our blog in I am trying to figure out what layout best incorporates all the various parts. I considered making my blog another sub category of the “About” tab. Maybe that could work for you e-portfolio? I’m interested to see how you continue planning it all out. Best of luck!!

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