Resolution and Production

So far I am really enjoying the process of creating project 3. For this project, am recording an mp3 of the song lyrics I wrote for project 2, as well as making a music video. This video consists of a series of slide shows (the versus) and a video narrative (the intro, choruses, refrains, etc). I am having one major struggle with each of these aspects. First, for the slide show portions, I am having trouble with the resolution of some of the images. These images are coming across slightly pixilated and blurry. I replaced some of them with better resolution image, while leaving others because I liked the graphic so much. There are a couple pictures that are so great I didn’t mind forgoing the pixel quality. The main issue I am having with the video is matching the motions I make (guitar, lip syncing, etc) with the words and rhythm of the song. I plan on re-cutting some of the videos to avoid lip syncing because I feel like it does more harm then good, even if executed correctly. Overall, I think the project is coming along nicely and I’m looking forward to sharing it with the class!Woodstock-1969


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