Risky Business

Putting perpetual tags on anything is a business I have come to find a bit risky. Not a lot of things last forever; almost no person will be able to avoid letting you down at some point; and “the best” of anything can turn into the worst over night. I realize I sound like a Negative Nancy here, but I’d just like to call it being real.

In direct conflict with my opening statement, here are a few things I don’t believe I will ever become bored of:

-Reading murder mysteries: It was the butler, right? Actually, no, that’s never been the case in any of the murder mysteries I’ve read. But that would be too predictable anyway. The ones that do it right have me on my toes throughout – oh I know for sure now, it was the janitor! Maybe not. Two of my absolute favorites in this suspense-filled genre are Tana French (In the Woods, The Likeness, Faithful Place) and Tami Hoag (A Thin Dark Line, Cry Wolf). 

Wikipedia Surfing: I’ve read somewhere that all Wikipedia articles lead back to “philosophy.” Let’s try it (clicking first links only). We’ll start with our good ole buddy – George Washington. Ready, go: “George Washington” leads to “President of the United States” leads to “head of state” leads to “Constitution” leads to “state” leads to “community” leads to “level of analysis” (via “social unit”) leads to “unit of observation” leads to “statistics” leads to “data” leads to “set” leads to “mathematics”…leads to (HOLY SH*T) “philosophy.” And yes, I honestly just did that.

-Basking in the warm glow of the sun whilst sitting on a beach chair with my toes in the hot sand, Lake Michigan spread out before me, an Arnold Palmer or other iced beverage to one side and a copy of GQ magazine to the other: What more could I say about that?


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