Saved by Google

Maybe its my craving to know the answer to questions that nobody really cares about, but I am simply obsessed with googling. It is part of my daily routine and this week my google searches have ranged from “how many apples should I eat in one day” to “hannah montana transition music” to “location of best french fries in ann arbor.” To put it simply: google is my “go to guy.” For this reason, when I was experimenting with iMovie and struggling, it was only natural for me to turn to google. If any of you are doing an iMovie, I actually found some super valuable and useful info! Because a large part of my movie is incorporating clips from other movies, shows, and news broadcasts, I searched “how to download youtube clips. There were a few websites that popped up that did not work, however, a downloadable application called “Any Video Converter,” made downloading the videos i needed super easy. Essentially you just download the application, paste links of youtube videos you want to download into the app, hit download and they will appear in your “Downloads” folder. I then was easily able to transfer them into iMovie, and edit them to the length that was necessary for my movie. I continued to google any problems that I ran into, and found youtube videos for how to get rid of Ken Burns effect, how to make a song fade out at the end of a clip, and more. So far, working with iMovie which I am only familiar with from middle school projects, has been a good learning experience, and my video is coming along swimmingly so far!!

Sophie Burton

Sophomore in LSA, from Minnesota. I love yoga and sea salt truffles.

3 thoughts to “Saved by Google”

  1. Sophie—Although you are in my new group, I am commenting on yours as my “old” group member as well. I automatically was intrigued with your blog post this week because I find it so interesting in the thought processes of other people. My mind is just wandering, trying to think of the many different explanations of why you ask google those questions. I know that seems very weird, but I guess it is just who I am also wanting to know what people think about it and how they think it.

    I know Amanda and I are going to need some assistance to with iMovie, so hopefully all three of us can help each other out with figuring out our frustrations. I think it is great that you were able to find out the application to help you convert the youtube videos onto your mac. Hopefully that will make your remediation process go by faster! I know that the converter is really important for your project due to your topic and needing to gather outside sources. It seems that you will be using iMovie, so I am curious if you are going to have your own voice over or just show questions/examples for your topic? I hope that you can continue your success and be able to do what you want on iMovie for this project. Good luck!

  2. Hi Sophie,

    Glad to hear your project is coming along well! Working with new video editing software is tough and I’ve definitely had similar experiences in which I turned to google. I found myself doing that a lot as I worked with new equipment this time around, specifically a new camera.

    The “any video converter” website sounds key in this whole process. A we talked in our groups, I was definitely wondering how you would go about executing the use of other uploaded videos. So I’m assuming you’re no longer thinking of doing the prezi idea? Either way, sounds like you’re making good progress!

    Excited to see where this project goes, sounds like a great start.

  3. Sophie,
    This post was extremely helpful for me. Prior to reading this, I hadn’t thought of incorporating YouTube video clips into my video; after reading your post, however, I realized just how easy this is and that it could potentially be very beneficial to my video. I really liked how you showed the natural progression of your search and a few examples of effects you discovered.

    After reading about your success Googling, I think I will refer to Google when I run into a problem trying out iMovie. It seems that it was a very beneficial and efficient tool for you while learning how to edit. I am typically one who just likes to explore on my own, but your suggestion has given me more ideas about my own project. I am interested to see where your project goes!

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