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As I mentioned in an earlier post, I originally came up with the idea to create a vertically scrolling e-portfolio to match the step by step format of my developmental essay. I really wanted my portfolio to start in one place and end in another. So this week I decided to go ahead and draft a vertically scrolling e-portfolio. It was certainly tedious to make, but I figured the only way I’d ever decide if I actually liked the idea was to just try it and see. Now that I’m so invested in it I could really use some outside feedback. Does you like it? Do you hate it? Is it a hassle? Please let me know!

There are a ton of work-in-progress elements that I still need to clean up. The last sections aren’t finished, and some of the buttons don’t work yet…but just ignore that if possible! The colors are also a hot mess. You can barely see many of the side buttons against the blues but I was too lazy to go through and change everything just yet. But, in terms of color, does starting with a light shade and having it get progressively darker until my capstone project section matches the header work? Or is it too bland/monotonous? Would you prefer sections to be different colors all together? Also, the reflective writing above each piece is a portion of my developmental essay. This is from the first draft, so the final portfolio will have the revised essay and some better transitions. Still, how do you feel about the developmental essay split up in this way? There is also no about me page. I personally don’t mind this because I hate about me pages and I’ve defined my audience as a more personal group — friends, family, classmates, and the Sweetland grader — so I won’t be using it for professional purposes. Still, do you think it should have an about me page? Lastly, does the site fit your internet page? I’m having trouble with how wide to make it…right now it fits my screen but I’m curious to see what it looks like on other people’s screens or one of the larger screens in class.

Wow…sorry for so many questions! Any and all feedback is welcome!

Here’s the link:

Not sure exactly how this works but here is the “feedback” link that Blake suggested:

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  1. Jamie, I really like this! After checking out your portfolio, your vision makes a lot more sense (I think I needed to see it before I understood, my brain is a little overworked right now haha).

    In response to your questions: The blues are working well for me. None of the colors make it hard to see the text, and blue is pretty easy on the eyes. The breakdown of the developmental essay makes sense to me, but I may be biased because I’m in the class with you. Maybe have a friend who is unfamiliar with your work go through and see if it makes sense to them! I think if your audience is who you described, an about me page isn’t necessarily necessary, either, although it is always fun to find out new things about people!

    A few technical notes: When my computer wasn’t in full screen mode, I couldn’t see the full navigation buttons on the sides. Also, when you do scroll down, you can get stuck scrolling through the PDFs rather than through the website.

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