State of the Project: Getting there

I’ll be off to Brooklyn in the early hours of next Monday morning, so I’ll miss class on Nov. 24, when we would be presenting our third projects. That means I’m both fortunate and unfortunate to have to do it before I leave. On the plus side, I’ll be forced to get a head start on it (I know that if I weren’t leaving, I’d be scrambling around to put it together late Sunday night). But it also gives me a little less time than everyone else.

So here’s what I have so far: I created a rough storyboard of my “30 for 30” documentary trailer. I selected the interview footage I wanted to use off YouTube and learned how to import it into the video editing software. I arranged the footage where I thought it logically should go. And, of course, before doing all this, I had to become familiar with the format, so I looked at a couple of old ESPN ones to learn how it should look.

Now comes the final stretch, but also the toughest part: I actually have to do it. I’ll be going to a lab soon to start cutting video into the documentary format, and I’ll have to come up with some narration too. I’m in a race against the clock, to some extent, but I’m really enjoying all of the new experiences I’m having in this project.

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