Storyboarding for the Non-Artist

The very idea of storyboarding, or coloring pictures of how I want a project to eventually look like, is super intimidating to me. For one: I do not draw. I am truly terrible at it and was always that kid who was unable to draw inside of the lines (literally). Secondly: I am a terrible planner. I have broad ideas of how I want things to go but when it comes to planning things in detail, which storyboarding entails, I really struggle. I am much more the type of person to start playing with Wix, try out a format, realize I don’t like it, try again, realize I hate it, and keep trying until I get a format that I truly love. Starting out by showing how I want things to end up seems ridiculous because of how confident I am that I will change my mind.

That being said, I did force myself to draw a storyboard for my ePortfolio of one potential layout that I think represents my personality, and presents my pieces in a creative yet accessible way. I used a premade format and inserted my own photo (one of my sister blowing bubbles at our lake house this summer), inserted new text, and new names for tabs, however it is still very much a work in progress. Here is my shot at it:


Drawing of ePortfolio StoryboardFirst shot at Wix version of ePortfolio


For my remediation project, my “storyboard” hardly resembles a storyboard in that I opted out of the picture drawing deciding that a thorough text based outline would be more efficient in conveying how I want my iMovie to look. I included a rough script of text that I want to be shown on slides and different photos and video clips that I want to accompany them.

Working off of my story board and actually beginning to use iMovie has presented a new challenge. I have loved working with iMovie thus far, but after playing with it for a while, inserting different movie, tv, and news clips and intense background music, the product that I came up with ended up looking more like a movie trailer than the ethics class presentation that I had initially intended for it to model. Going forward I think I am going to have to keep trying out different fonts, sounds, and images in order to ultimately decide who I want the audience of this movie to be.

Sophie Burton

Sophomore in LSA, from Minnesota. I love yoga and sea salt truffles.

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