Technologically Challenged

I am TRYING to move forward with my Remediation Project. First, this writing class pushed my comfort levels on my writing style. I am very “type A” when it comes to writing, where I just want to state an argument or create a thesis and go from there with a research paper. But this class has created ¬†a greater¬†awareness of “outside the box thinking” for me. I have been able to turn an argumentative essay into a sports blog post. However, now I need to turn my sports blog post into a interview documentary… I have accomplished creating a proposal and time board for this project about how I “ideally” envision my project.

Now the hard part… For those who are “technologically challenged” like myself, this project is not ideal. Here are a list of things that I am going to attempt to use for my project:

1) iMovie. One of my peers has shown me how “easy” it is to use iMovie. I look forward to using this process because I will be able to add this additional skill to my portfolio. I would love to be familiar with this process because I know in the line of work that I would like to go into, this would be a great skill set to offer with the new changes of social media/online blogging within the communication field.

1a) Through testing out iMovie, it seems like it will provide me with plenty of assistance to get the job done. I know it will be crucial to have the ability of fading from one screen to another in my project. This will be based on how I want to incorporate my interviewers to my example skits, but through playing around with iMovie, I think it will do a sufficient job.

2) If my “technologically challenged” self does have problems with using iMovie (god bless), then I know I can contact Michigan’s ISS for additional support. They provide an email and number in which they can be contacted on. So I feel comfortable that if I do have issues, I will be able to contact them for additional help. I plan on using my iPhone 6 as recording my interviews. The quality of the camera is very high def. Also, for the skits that will include being in the water, I will be using my teammates GoPro for some in the water action shots. I look forward to including that within my interview documentary.

Emily Sejna

I LOVE pizza, Michigan, and cold weather.

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  1. Emily,
    I think that using a GoPro for footage in the water will make your video extremely interesting! I used a GoPro for the first time this past summer and was surprised with how easy it was to film and get the video footage after. My suggestion is to be aware of your surroundings while filming. When viewing the footage later on, I realized that in some cases I missed what I had wanted to record because my body wasn’t positioned in the best way possible. Also, some of the videos didn’t record in the best quality because of the water. I’m sure that if you are aware of these things, though, that you can adjust for this to get great quality footage. Also, if you can have a fellow fan (possibly a parent) record some of the action from the sideline this could be a great addition to your video. Best of luck with your filming!

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