The Digital Imperative

I find myself struggling to comb through many of the readings I have to do for other classes. It’s hard to stay engaged with these dry readings, especially when they do not seem current relevant to what I’m learning.

Elizabeth Clark’s article was different. Reading this article, I was proud of the digital rhetoric pedagogy we have adopted in Writing 220. As I’ve begun interviewing for internships for this summer, one community I’ve stressed as being highly important to me is that of our writing minor cohort. I think that so much of that sense of a tight-knit community has been facilitated by the digital conversations we’ve been engaging in.

I love the in-class peer review workshops as well, but what I love most is the blog. I find myself reading posts outside my blog group, even outside of our section, because they are so inspiring. These posts involve a lot of insight that I don’t necessarily think would be provoked in an in-person workshop.

In an age where many my age are more comfortable texting and emailing than speaking on the phone or in person, the experience of creating digital rhetoric comes easily and inspires creativity. I believe the benefits Clark reviews (community, collaboration, etc.) can be extended to include creativity, inspiration, and constructive-critique.

Sarah Schuman

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2 thoughts to “The Digital Imperative”

  1. Sarah,

    I agree with everything in your post. I think it’s amazing how much our cohort feels like a community and I would definitely attribute that in no small part to our blog posts. We have the ability to read our peer’s unedited thoughts, and I think it really helps us get to know one another. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I think we three reached an agreement on the importance of blogging in our class. Blogging definitely draw us closer on the virtual world and also set the base for our in-class communication and interaction.
    I also agree with your idea of inspiration. I think nowadays internet is providing us so much convenience to be inspired and encouraged. It is very beneficial especially for writers like us. We are beginners and still on the way of exploring. Being able to observe and compare others’ work and opinions is one of the first few steps we need to take.

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