They Never Get Boring

I come from a large and loud family. Almost every Sunday night growing up my entire family on my dad’s side congregated at someone’s house for a weekly dinner. It usually consisted of my immediate family, my dad’s brother (my uncle), his wife and two daughters, and then my dad’s step- brother and his wife and two daughters along with my grandparents. Over the years there have been additions to the gang, but these 14 people have been a constant. Our family dinners never fail to be entertaining. I don’t think I will ever get tired of them due to the numerous different dynamics that occur. From learning about what is going on in everyone’s life, to gossiping with my cousins and cracking countless jokes, family dinners are never boring.

photo 3
all of the cousins

I am lucky enough to have a unique relationship with everyone in my family, and that I am grateful for. Whether our conversations are serious or light, under good circumstances are bad, I know that I have the support of my family. No family dinner is ever the same and nothing less of exciting. Filled with good food, good company and good conversation, family dinners are always something to look forward too.

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