They’re, Their, There





There seems to be a confusion between which of these applys when. Their is used to describe the possesion of something.

Ex. Their ball, their car, their mom.

There is used in realtion to direction.

Ex. Over there, There she is, I want to go there.

They’re is the contraction for they are.It is used to describe a group and their actions.

Ex. They’re looking for you, They’re running to North Campus. They’re going to the mall.

I know when we are in a rush making a mistake on these words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings is inevitable. However we must look as them as though they are completely different words. Would you call a dog and a cat the same word. They are both animals right? No! We must understand the usage of these words and when they are appropriate. if not then we are slowly attacking the grammar Gods! They get upset with us everytime someone commits the cardinal sin of misusing they’re, their and there. We must raise awareness about these mishaps and hopefully this will slow down the crime rate in America! Thank you for your time and please dont forget to Say what you mean!

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  1. Okay I love this post, even though I’m sure most of the other writing minors also have the same pet peeve with they’re, their, and there. I know that sometimes it’s due to a lack of education, but when I see people at UM or other reputable universities making that mistake, it really irks me. Sure, they sound the same, but the meanings are so different. I think it’s honestly worth the time to learn the correct usage, even if it’s late in life. It’s worth the extra effort.

    Also, I greatly appreciate the diversity this post added to the site 🙂

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