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I hate technology. I still handwrite every paper before I type it and I refuse to read a book, newspaper, or anything else of that nature on the computer. I don’t dislike technology because I think it’s hurting our ability to communicate in person. In fact, I think technology is enhancing the world in more ways than one. I have a problem with technology because I have no idea how to navigate it; I am technologically challenged to the utmost degree. So, this project has intimidated me since I read the syllabus on the first day of class.

In class last week I said I wanted to create a tumblr about University of Michigan students and their thoughts on capital punishment. Tumblr is such a trend these days and seems to be accessible to anyone (my 13 year old cousin has her own page) so I figured it would be relatively simple. Well, after exploring it and seriously struggling to make my own, I decided to try a different medium: a video ad campaign.

A video ad campaign is definitely a bigger project to take on, if for no other reason than I don’t know anyone else who has made one (thus less people to ask for help). But I found a website, Viddyad, and so far the process of creating a video has gone smoothly. I can upload clips and images from the internet and Viddyad will string them together accompanied by a voice over (should I choose to make one).

I am having one main problem with Viddyad: price. Right now, I can preview a video I make for free whenever I want, but I can’t tell whether or not I have to pay in order to share it. If anyone has experience with this platform, I’d love some advice!

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  1. Hi Emily!

    You must have written this post before we spoke in class, because it seems like you have made a lot of progress since then. Did you decide whether to stick with the campaign advertisement idea or to try your luck at a Tumblr page? I think that you could be successful either way. When we were discussing ways you could incorporate a new technology into your videos, I suggested using an infographic within one of your advertisements, or providing a link to one. Which infographic software did you end up using? It would be interesting for us to compare…

    I am looking forward to seeing how your project progresses! 🙂

  2. Hi Emily,

    I like the idea of creating a campaign because it works well with your theme of criminal justice, but seems like the tech side is giving you a lot of trouble. I am very much similar with you on technology, but I think there are resources we can reach out to as our professor highly recommends. I’m sure you could find one that can help you with this particular problem. We have seen your sample campaign in class, and it looks great. I cannot wait to see your final project.

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