Two Technology Projects Later…

So far for my remediation project I have only created my storyboard. I am in the beginning process of getting done my interviews because I had to first set them up. However, I have faith in my storyboard that I will be able to put together my iMovie fairly easy once I do get my interviews done, along with my supporting evidence/examples. I am more or less worried about finishing up my interviews in time for the rough cut because I traveled this past weekend to California for a tournament and I get stressed when we travel because I do not get a lot of time for work/planning of my week. But because my storyboard is pretty detailed regarding what I need for each scene, I know I will be able to piece things together once I receive the right information needed from my interviews.

Now for my e-portfolio… I am SUPER stoked to get this ready to go for the public to see, but the timing of everything is stressing me out. Also, I feel like I am not ready for these two pushes of technology for this one class, but I am going to try and knock things out this upcoming week. I have been able to balance a lot of things all at one time so I know I will be able to figure out these to projects (although they are out of my expertise). I love the layout of my e-portfolio:

However, I am having a hard time of how I want to represent my three projects on my front page. I am still trying to brainstorm something different and unique, so we shall see what my brain creates. I honestly cannot wait for the final product for this project because I know I will be very proud of my self of figuring out how to create something like this.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 6.47.04 PM
I do not like this format right now… so hopefully I can think of something more creative to get my audience engaged.

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  1. Emily,

    From our conversation in class yesterday, I am sure that you will be able to work with the interview material you receive once you actually hold each interview. As far as filming practices, I think that the voice over idea we discussed, where you have one of your teammates talking and the clip is of you guys swimming in the pool, will be successful in achieving the effect of you guys actually practicing polo. In terms of your eportfolio, as a perfectionist, I also struggled for a long time to get mine to look exactly how I wanted it to look, and for me, being content with the layout came with a lot of trial and error. Try out a bunch of different images and formats that you think might look cool, and I’m sure you will find one that you think represents each piece well. Cant wait to see both of the final products!

  2. Hi Emily,

    First of all, great work so far. I know this time of year can be really overwhelming. We all have a lot going on and so a big project like this can seem daunting. However, the fact that you took on this project with unfamiliar equipment and technology is really admirable and you are going to learn so much. So good job and keep at it!

    More specifically, I think what we discussed in class about your changing training schedule may present a challenge in that you can’t do exactly what you planned originally but this new plan may turn out even better. I would go with the angle of putting more emphasis on out of the water leadership and use b-roll of people in the water. I think this will achieve the same effect and only require a shift on your plans. I also agree that after you’re done with interviews, the stotyboard and your idea of where the story is found will drive your project forward. Great job so far and can’t wait to see the final product! I think it’s going to turn our really well.

    More ape

    1. I also have no idea why it says “more ape” at the end of my post-it was a typo and it won’t let me delete it. Regardless, sorry and good luck with the project!

  3. Emily,
    Based on your storyboard, I completely agree that once you get the footage your project will move forward smoothly and quickly. You did a really good job planning everything out! I agree that the best way is to have your teammates talk and have footage of them swimming/showing a certain skill while the voice-over continues. In class, we also talked about you adding in footage of professional athletes as an interesting component in your video. I think you should still consider doing this! It will help the viewer understand that the same underlying concepts you are finding apply on a larger scale.

    Since I am in the beginning stages of my e-portfolio, I completely get your stress regarding it. I have so many ideas, yet I am not sure how to go about implementing them. You talked about not knowing how to show your three projects – my idea is to give a short preview of each on the homepage, possibly with a quote from each, along with an image of the document that the viewer could click on to go to its page. I don’t know if that will help you with any ideas regarding yours, but please feel free to bring any more questions to class next time! We can brainstorm together!

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