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Northern Michigan Sunset
Northern Michigan Sunset

When it comes to Northern Michigan, the sights just never get old. There’s always a view to be seen and an adventure to be had. Where I grew up, in Traverse City, Michigan, there is water everywhere and almost every summer activity makes use of it somehow. Whether it be swimming, boating, or just going to the beach, northern Michigan is full of things to do in the summer. Yes, I do love all of those activities, but the one thing about northern Michigan that I never get tired of is it’s views. From my home, I have a lovely view of Bowers Harbor, a small harbor that eventually connects to the larger Lake Michigan. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to walk out my front door and see a sunset as amazing as the one in the panorama above. No sunset is ever the same and each one seems to be even more incredible than the last.

Aside from my home, there are tons of other inspiring views to be seen as well. About 45 minutes from my home, there are hiking trails all along the coast of lake Michigan that lead to jaw-dropping views. Some are tourist attractions, but some are more secretive, known only to native Northern Michiganders like myself. No matter how many times I hike the trails through the woods, anticipating the opening of the trees to reveal an incomparable view of lake Michigan, I will never ever get tired of those sights.

In the fall, the hikes become even more amazing. I’d like to consider myself well-traveled for a girl my age and I have yet to see another place with fall colors as beautiful as those in Traverse City. Driving down the Old Mission Peninsula, there is a scenic pullout at the top of the hill. Most people pulling over are tourists, visiting for the fall colors tour. But even as a local, I always have to pull aside at least once in the fall to take in the amazing colors of the North.

To most people, Traverse City is a tourist town. Locals, including myself, often get irritated with the traffic and idiocy of tourists who come to experience the beauty and adventures that Traverse City has to offer. But, I guess I can’t blame them because, honestly, the views just never get old.





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  1. I’m from Manistee (which you may be familiar with), another part of Northern Michigan that is just a bit south of Traverse City. As such, I can completely relate to the beauty of a Northern Michigan sunset that you talk about. Unlike TC, I can’t say that Manistee never gets boring. It’s a relatively small town where teenagers are hard pressed to entertain themselves. However, one thing about Manistee that draws tourists and keeps kids (mildly) out of trouble is that the town is right on Lake Michigan.

    As a kid I went to the beach all the time with my dad, who still takes every chance he gets to sit in the sand while he’s not at work during the summer months. He’s a beach bum in the strongest sense of the term; his love of the beach and my growing up with one of the largest sources of freshwater right in my backyard are most likely the driving forces behind my desire to live fairly close to a body of water after college. I’ll admit I like Ann Arbor, but its lack of a beach is a deal breaker right out the gate.

    As for TC, I have made the hour drive north from Manistee countless times. Usually these ventures concern shopping at the mall or Sam’s Club or something like that, but more recently the casino has come into play. I’ve never taken the time to look at the natural surroundings of TC, except for the Grand Traverse Bay, which is awesome all its own. Reading your post, though, I think I need to check more of these things out, especially since I live so close anyway.

    1. That’s so funny that you’re from Manistee! I had no idea. But yes, you should definitely make your way around the trails out by Sleeping Bear Dunes and such. The sights are just amazing. Have you ever been to North Bar Lake? It’s a very small lake out by Empire Michigan that is connected to Lake Michigan by a small channel…Your dad would love it, it’s the best little beach!

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