Writing: Saying What Others Wont

Saying what others wont–that is what sets writers apart. Dreaming what has never been dreamt–that is what makes fantasy come to life. Doing what others won’t do–that is what makes a story worth reading. I strive to be a speaker, a dreamer, a do-er, a writer. My consciousness is a constant stream of thought that flows from pen to paper, and from paper to countless minds.

Moreover, good writing has a purpose; this purpose can present itself in many ways, and at different moments for each individual reader. A written purpose is immortal, and immortality can only exist in writing. Unlike other art (paintings, music, sculptures, etc), writing has the power to convey a message that strays from the abstract while remaining creative. This creativity allows writing to create a timeless portal through time, appreciated by generations to come. Writing is a small pebble in a river, forever advanced by the changing current. Which way the river will flow is up to you. Create, innovate, and challenge the status quo…I dare you.


Albert Einstein is a man who possessed the qualities that a great writer must also possess. His curiosity and dedication changed the world forever.


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