You never know unless you try

I slightly underestimated the difficulty of creating a storyboard for my remediation project. My repurposing project was a storyboard, so I figured the storyboard for my remediation project would be basically the same. But my repurposing storyboard was for a printed children’s book, and my remediation project is digital (a video). So there had to be some differences between the two. The difficulty was discovering those differences. How did I want to change my repurposing project to become a storyboard for a digital project? Did I want to merge some of the illustrations together to make fewer more detailed illustrations? I thought about this because, in my video, I’ll be talking as I draw, so I can still highlight all the important aspects even if they aren’t given their own pages. But my other option was splitting up my illustrations and text into more “scenes”. I chose the latter because it allows me to add more detail overall and really set up my project as a video with “scenes”. I can draw a scene and then zoom in and draw just a character to show his facial expression, for example. So, I spent most of my storyboarding time deciding which illustrations to break up as well as where to build the background music. I still need to decide if I can/want to add sound effects like splashing and whacking to my video.

As you can see below, I don’t have much of a vision for my e-portfolio. I just can’t picture what I want it to look like.

Photo of e-portfolio mock up


I know certain aspects I want my portfolio to have – clean, simple navigation, very visual (barely any text on the home page), not a lot of in-text links – but I still can’t really picture the design I want. At times, I feel like I have too many competing ideas floating around in my head, and at other times I feel like I don’t have enough workable and cohesive ideas. Will all of my ideas work well together? I really think that I just need to start trying my different ideas out with my chosen template to answer that question. I just won’t know until I try.


2 thoughts to “You never know unless you try”

  1. I’m glad you chose to add more scenes to your story. I’m excited to see how it turns out 🙂
    I can definitely sympathize with your struggles with planning out your e-portfolio. I really feel like it’s one of those things where you shouldn’t spend too much time planning. Things are bound to evolve once you get into it.

  2. I can see how storyboarding your remediation project would be difficult! Sometimes it’s easier to make up an unconventional outline rather than follow a strict set of rules. But it seems like you figured something out and are well past that stage by now.
    Your ePortfolio also turned out great despite your concerns! I love how you included pictures of yourself as a kid on the homepage and had the “growing as a writer” theme. I agree with the simplicity idea; I’m also putting very little text on the homepage and trying not to include links because then it starts to look messy. It seems like you answered your question after creating your site! I can’t wait to see the finished product for both projects!

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