Why I’m Thankful for the Writing Minor

Before college, I wrote the same way I walked or played soccer or spoke- it was natural and habitual. Yet when I entered college writing became something of necessity, something that classes demanded of me in order to finish a paper or an exam. My freshman year I found myself trying to redirect my creative passion for writing but it became harder and harder. Eventually, writing for pleasure and expression took a backseat and I wrote when demanded of me. I am thankful for the writing minor because it enables me to write to explore again. I explore myself, the world around me and other people. Some of my favorite pieces have emerged from this class and I have learned an immense amount about how and why my peers write as well. I have learned and explicated the very reason I write and the value in it. I have created a vessel not only to express myself but to enlighten myself. I have created new media in order to convey my writing in this ever growing multimedia age. None of that would have been possible without this writing minor.

One of my favorite quotes is by Anais Nin and it goes: “I write to taste life twice.” I always thought that was particularly poignant because it rings so true for me. I write in order to experience the world in my own personal way, to see the world again- not just by immediate experience but through my own crafted lens. Being in the writing minor enables me to taste life twice again and that is something I am immensely appreciative for. I look forward to continuing to discover more about the heart of writing- my own and others.


Anisha Nandi

I am a Communications and SAC double major pursuing a career in broadcast journalism. I am originally form New York but love being at U of M. I enjoy playing soccer, spending time with my family and being outdoors. I have always loved writing, especially creatively.

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  1. Anisha,
    First and foremost – I hope you had a great Thanksgiving Break! I’m really happy this minor has provided you with that extra push to start writing creatively again. In college, we oftentimes are producing writing so quickly that we lose the enjoyment of the writing process. You captured this sentiment perfectly. This minor truly has provided those of us who love to write with an outlet to do so.

    I also love that we have been able to explore writing in so many different forms. If you would’ve told me prior to taking this class that I would produce a video on YouTube and a magazine article stylistically appropriate for the New York Times I would have probably looked shocked. As you said, none of this would have been possible if it weren’t for the minor!

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