Additional ePortfolio Works

When I first approached the idea of which pieces of writing to include, I had to first decide what theme or purpose I wanted to convey through the writings I picked. I thought of all of the classes I have taken up until this point, and realized that I have had to write, in one form or another, in each class. Whether it’s an academic essay (like the ones written for Philosophy and Classical Architecture), or a laboratory report (Biology, Chemistry), I’ve had the opportunity to continue to develop my skills as a writer, even without taking English or Writing courses in each semester. The opportunity to display additional works outside of our class is a wonderful platform for me to showcase my talents with these other areas of writing. I plan on including the aforementioned Philosophy, Architecture, and Biology writings, as well as research essay from my previous Writing class, with the hopes that the wide range of topics and styles will best showcase my abilities as a writer.

When it comes to writing a paper vs. taking an exam, I think I lean more towards Team Paper. Writing is an entire process, with many steps involved that include receiving feedback at certain points throughout the project. I think this suits me better than a one shot attempt, like what you get with an exam, because it gives me a chance to work with a few different ideas, workshopping them until I am comfortable that I will be able to include everything that is expected on the rubric. For an exam, there is a level of uncertainty regarding exactly what is going to end up on the exam, which is more stressful than knowing exactly what is expected, something that a rubric offers. Because of all this, I have been enjoying our remediation and eportfolio work more than studying for my Orgo and Bio finals.

Quinn Skalka

Junior studying EEB and writing. Originally from Battle Creek, the cereal capital of the world. Chicago sports fan. Enjoy longboarding, ultimate frisbee, and reading Sci-Fi/Fantasy series.

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