Advice to those who will take on the Minor in Writing courses

One of my HUGE advice to those who will start this minor is to get to know everyone in your class. Right off the bat, our class was thrown into blog groups and within my blog group, we really connected and helped each other out with all the projects that we were given. At first the class was very very dull because I did not know anyone. However, once everyone started warming up to each other and participating, the class was more open and engaging. (You definitely know what I mean by the very very dull aspect of classes, it’s like teeth pulling and sooo boring). But now in the end, our 2014 Minor in Writing Fall Cohort has gone through the ups and downs, the projects after projects, and now are able to move on in the minor!

Another piece of advice is this: TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ALL RESOURCES. Whether it is consistently asking your professor for extra meetings (which I really relied on) to getting help from ISS about things you had know idea were even possible to do on your comp to asking for feedback from your peers. All of this will help you no matter what. Within my own blog group meetings we just built ideas off each other to help everyone think more about their project and help guide them to their final production.

Take your time, and BREATHE. This was a huge thing. The first two projects (Why I Write and Repurposing Project) allowed me to go off an outline I had created. However, the next two projects (Remediation Project and ePortfolio) I had nada! I had no idea the direction I wanted to go, AND THEN I WAS ALSO THROWN DIFFERENT OBSTACLES. However, by using my awesome Professor, Naomi Silver, she helped me to gather my thoughts and talk them out whenever I was struggling with an obstacle or thought. By taking a step back and breathing, I was able to spark my creative side again and finish my projects with satisfaction.

Finally, be ready for your creative side to show! Just prepare yourself mentally…

Emily Sejna

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  1. Hi Emily!
    Thank you for all of that advice! I definitely cannot wait to get to know people more in the writing class! Taking a class with a small amount of people is actually very comforting in a sense that i get to know everyone (hopefully)! I am currently stressed about the repurposing project and hope that I can figure it out! I will definitely take you advice on using the resources within the department to help my writing journey! Thank again!
    oh ya and go blue!

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