Completing My ePortfolio

For me, a reflection on my ePortfolio is very much a reflection on this entire semester of Writing 220. So what stands out most to me? What should I include in this final blog post? Exigence. Throughout the course of the semester, defining my exigence has become more important to me. Let me explain. At first I thought specifically defining my exigence was unnecessary; I knew where I was going, so why write it down? I didn’t reaaaaaaaaally see the value. While working on my ePortfolio,  there came a time when I had to make a decision. The result of this decision, I knew, would effect the entire purpose of my ePortfolio.

The decision? I needed to make a decision about my “about me”. What I had written described me as a person, not as a writer. And the feedback that I had received from my peers was critical. My peers were looking for an “about me” that described who I am as a writer. Originally, I didn’t write this about me because I didn’t feel that it fit the purpose of my ePortfolio, but after receiving the feedback I was confused. Should I write about myself as a writer? Was that something my ePortfolio needed? I thought about this for a long time and couldn’t make a decision. Finally, I decided that maybe I should explore my project proposal to clear my mind. After rereading my proposal, my exigence was clear again. I was reminded of the role that I wanted my ePortfolio to play. And after this, I decided not to take the advice. I decided that my about me should not describe who I am as a write.

To me, my ePortfolio isn’t really for someone to get to know me as a writer. It’s more for someone to get to know me through my writing. Had I not had a clear purpose written in my proposal, I might have taken the feedback. It would have changed the entire frame of my ePortfolio. I’m happy with the decision I made. I’m happy with my “about me.” I’ve learned the importance of defining exigencies, and I plan to apply it across my coursework.

2 thoughts to “Completing My ePortfolio”

  1. Lia,
    I really loved how your post took me through your thought process about the advice you received. I am glad that you stuck with your gut instinct and kept the “About me” you originally wrote – I think it reflects who you are and your exigence IS very clear. I know it has been awhile since we worked together in a blog group; I find it fascinating to see how much your idea progressed this semester. Your ePortfolio looks great – I love that you decided to stick with the clean, simple design that you originally talked about. Great work, and best of luck with everything in Ross and in the minor!

  2. I agree with your comments on exigence. I have a similar habit where I just like to dive into writing without explicitly defining what it is I have to say. However, after taking this class I was able to see that defining exigence helps facilitate the decision-making process by making oneself more confident in one’s choices. For you it seems like you were able to more confidently turn down some suggestions because you had a clear idea of what did and didn’t fit with the guiding idea of your ePortfolio. As Amanda said, I think it’s great that you followed your instinct on the “About Me” section. I looked through your ePortfolio and everything looks awesome! Great job!

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