Dear Future Minors


Congratulations! You’ve been accepted into the Minor in Writing, and that means – guess what? You’re a writer! Just the fact alone that you were accepted should give you enough confidence to believe you can thwart any and all challenges presented to you in this class. I’ll give you a couple pieces of advice, even though I know nobody will probably follow them (I usually don’t even follow my own advice). But, maybe there’s one or two people out there who this ends up really helping, so in that case it’s worth it.

Piece of Wisdom #1: Write about something that excites you. For our class, we worked with the same fundemental topic nearly the entire time, editing and remodeling it to achieve a certain purpose. I chose a topic that really interests me – the ethicality of torturing a suspect when trying to save millions of lives. Because I had this topic that really fascinated me, working on the projects was far more enjoyable than if it were something boring or mundane. So yeah – be careful and choose wisely, as a paper on something that interests you will always be better than on a topic that doesn’t.

Don't do'll all be okay
Don’t do this…it’ll all be okay

Piece of Wisdom #2: Remain calm. I will not lie and say this is the easiest class in the world – it’s not. The class pushes you to explore new areas of writing you’ve never been exposed to before. It’s not easy and they’ll certainly be times when you’re wondering how in the world you’ll ever be able to get this assignment in on time and be happy with it. But, know this – everyone there is in the same boat as you are, as has been everyone coming before you (I can promise you I was exactly there). But, just like I did, you’ll get through it, and you’ll be proud of what you accomplished.

Piece of Wisdom #3: Enjoy yourself and be creative. I always find my best work comes from when I’m thinking outside the box and developing something I thought of completely myself. If there’s one place ever to allow your creative juices to flow – this is it. So have fun with this class, because it really can be just that if you allow it to be. God speed and good luck!

– Jeff Slade

6 thoughts to “Dear Future Minors”

  1. You have great advice and it’s nice to hear you talk about something you are passionate about. I’m going to choose something that I really care about for my project as well so hopefully I enjoy it as much as you did. Also, great choice in The Other Guys clip. Great film.

  2. Thanks for the advice! I’ve already abandoned a few of my ideas because of what you just said. I don’t want to write about a topic that sounds impressive yet isn’t interesting to me. Yay for writing about things we’re passionate about!

  3. Thanks for the advice Jeff! I appreciate what you said about remaining calm, because I tend to get overwhelmed with my writing sometimes and feel that I cannot be satisfied with the end result. However, by writing about something I am passionate about I think I can overcome this!

  4. Hi! Thank you so much for advising me to write about something that excites me. I’ve really been pushing that, and this is what has me so excited to engage with this class. I love writing, but I think I’ll grow to appreciate it even more if I’m focusing on topics that are truly important to me.

  5. Hi! Thanks for the advice about how to be successful in this class. I will definitely keep in mind your advice about making sure choosing a project for remediation that actually interests me. I hadn’t thought much about the importance of choosing something that I won’t get bored of even after many many weeks working on it. I also appreciate your advice on staying calm. That’s such an important point to me because while I know that everything will get done, I definitely forget that in the process. Knowing that, I will for sure keep it in mind whenever I feel a time crunch sneaking up.

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