Dear future Writing Minors

First off, congratulations on being accepted to the Minor in Writing. I’ll be honest, when I was first admitted to the program, I wasn’t really fazed by it. However, it didn’t take long for the program to make an impact. Realize that the 15-20 students sitting around you are some of the most gifted writers at Michigan and that this will be one of your only classes where everyone has a similar passion. So make sure you take advantage of that.

Here is some advice:

  • Make sure you really think critically about your “Why I write” assignment. It is really important to really delve deep into the reasons  you want to write as it will help you as the semester goes on. It really will make you feel like you are doing the program for the right reasons — not to say that you aren’t.
  • When you pick the original source for your repurposing and remediation project, make sure it’s a piece of writing that you love and are willing to get creative with. You will be working with it all semester and if you don’t like that piece, it’ll be hard to enjoy the class. I really cannot stress this enough. These projects are something you will take pride in down the road.
  • Take pride in your ePortfolio. It’s a great tool to have in the future and remember: Anyone has access to it!
  • Lastly, enjoy the peer review process. Everyone in the class is a gifted writer and can help in one way or another. I remember hearing that this class had a lot of peer review and immediately thought back to my English 125 class and how horrible and unproductive it was. This is totally different. I  promise. So take advantage of it.

Once again, congrats on your acceptance! Best of Luck.


Jason Rubinstein

A half-Argentinean sports writer for The Michigan Daily. Previous intern at the New York Daily News. Siracha sauce enthusiast. Avid Chicago Sports fan. Once turned down a bid from AEPi.

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