Eportfolio– a process of pain and happiness

Compared with other projects, the process of creating eportfolio is much easier because it is all about me and my writing. I always wanted to create something to tell my story, but I didn’t expect it would be here in a writing course. The class and discussion have prepared me for my eportfolio.

The beginning was full of excitement. Designing and planning were all I cared about. Witnessing the progress that I have made on the pages is one of the best thing in the world. I had a detailed plan ahead of time so that when I actually put it online, the process was very smooth and Wix functions allows me to make my ideas come true. The basic structure was out, and then it was the period of procrastination. Because there are so many details to take care of, I felt frustrating and struggled before I started to put on artifact. Instead of artifact, I would say they are all new writing because I found none of my old writing is in English. In my three years’ English writing experiences, I seldom wrote for my own interest. Most of my writing are academic writing, which do not fit for the theme of my eportfolio. However, I really didn’t want to give up my theme because it represented who I am and what I like. I am the kind of person that once I chose my direction, I would go all the way till the end. Deadlines were approaching in a much faster speed than I imaged, so I was forced to start my writing.

Surprisingly, the process was filled with memories that made me miss every steps of my life and appreciated what I have and who I am today. I wrote about food, places, and restaurant that were full of my footprint. I wrote about people, culture that influenced me. I think it is not only a collection; it is a summary of my life since I started to learn, observe and reflect. I felt accomplished about my writing, but more about being able to record everything I want in my eportfolio.

I think to be able to receive others’ feedback from a first time reader’s view was very helpful in the process because I couldn’t find out the problem as I am the creator of the website. They gave many very useful suggestions that I could build on as I tried to develop my website in the future.

The process is full of pain and happiness, but the result is very awarding. I think this is the happiness of hard working, and it is the gain of creating something from the bottom of my heart. By creating eportfolio, I get a place to express myself and to record my progress little by little. I was completely open and honest in my eportfolio, and I hope the sincerity can be delivered to the audience through my writing.

Here is the link to my eportfolio: http://enni67.wix.com/lohersenni. Enjoy!

Enni Zhao

If, for the sake of amour and cuisine, I must pay, I would then give my life away.

3 thoughts to “Eportfolio– a process of pain and happiness”

  1. Hi Enni!

    I think it’s so amazing you were able to discover things about yourself as you created your ePortfolio. I kinda felt the same way. There’s something about this type of creative freedom that encourages reflection.

    As for your ePortfolio itself, it looks great! I totally understand and appreciate that quote on your homepage in the context of your theme. Those food pictures also totally made my mouth water.

    After being in two consecutive blog groups together, I’ve really begun to develop an understanding of your writing! You have a fresh, clear, and unique perspective that you should be really proud of.

  2. Wow, Enni—I looked at your ePortfolio and you definitely went above and beyond for this assignment! I think it’s amazing that when you didn’t find personal writing that fit your theme you went ahead and created new pieces just for your blog. I love how everything fits together; many of your tabs are metaphors yet they are still very clear and your site is easy to navigate. You should definitely be proud of your work!

  3. Enni,

    I am so impressed with your ePortfolio. It looks so professional but at the same time so personal; I can tell how much work you put into it! At the start, I couldn’t really tell how you were going to merge food, love, culture, etc. into your website. But you really did it so well. Each page has so much information and lets readers know a little bit about who you are. I’ve loved watching your process with the project and you should be so proud of what you accomplished!

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