ePortfolio Reflection: Time to Move On

I could keep working on my ePortfolio but I think it’s time to let it go and press the submit button on this assignment. The most satisfying part of the process was figuring out how to display the documents the way I wanted to. I had seen past ePortfolios use embedded PDFs but I had no idea how to do this. What I thought would be a simple feature on Wix turned out to be somewhat complicated, but luckily I was able to go to the Tech Deck and get help. It turned out I needed to use HTML code, which the person at the Tech Deck copied and pasted from someone else’s project into my project. All I needed to do was change the part of the code that came after “I frame” and copy and paste a link to the document I wanted to display (I have no idea what all this means so I apologize for not having the correct lingo down). Using a link meant that I had to display my documents on a page somewhere on the internet. After unsuccessfully attempting to use Google Docs, I decided to create an extra page on my ePortfolio and hide it from display. Although at first this process was tedious, I became used to the task and by the end it became quite simple.

Another success was displaying my remediation project on my website. I used the PDF reader Flipsnack to make my document look like a booklet, and Flipsnack gave me a link to embed so I was able to do so easily. The only problem was that my PDF was grainy and barely readable in some places. In desperation, I decided to try the live 24-hour chat feature on the Flipsnack website. Flo, the Flipsnack girl, was extremely helpful. She told me to email her my PDF and when she emailed it back to me it was magically fixed and readable on Flipsnack!

The most frustrating process was trying to do last-minute edits. I thought I would add in a few more buttons and images to my project just to spruce things up a bit, but when I attempted to do so the formatting got messed up and I spent more time trying to undo what I added than actually add new things. At that point, I decided it was time to lay this project to rest and move on with my life. I’m a little disappointed that my site is so basic, but I think ultimately I got my point across and was able to organize my thoughts clearly since I followed such a uniform format on all my pages.

Before starting this ePortfolio, I was convinced that I would never use it again. I had made an ePortfolio in a class last year and did not have a positive experience. I just couldn’t see the utility in creating a website about myself. However, now that I’m done with my site I think it could serve as a great add-on to my resume in case I ever need to showcase my writing abilities for any type of job application. Since this blog is public, employers will probably find it anyway when they search my name. If so, a compilation of some of my best writing definitely isn’t a bad thing for them to stumble upon.


Annie Humphrey

Boston, MA native. Senior BCN major with premed focus. I love singing, writing, and having meaningful conversations with people.

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  1. You’re a genius for going to the Tech Desk for help with HTML! I was having trouble figuring that out too and ultimately some of my documents don’t look as good as I was hoping. They were so helpful during my remediation project, I can’t believe I didn’t think to go back. I clicked around your ePortfolio, and it looks really great! You should defiantly incorporate it as an add on to your resume.

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