ePortfolio: The End of an Era

It’s over. After hours spent just figuring out which template to use and even more time spent populating the website, I’m happy to have submitted my ePortfolio.

What I liked: I think the overall theme (expanding my writing identity as one that eclipses just essay-writing) worked out well. I’m satisfied with the design, and I like the way I illustrated the reflective text for each major assignment.

What I still want to work on: The ePortfolio feels a little empty because I don’t have more than 10 pages total. I think it would feel more comprehensive if I added more pages for writing I’ve done outside of Writing 220. I also feel that if I had more time I could add more new-media or cool HTML elements that are user-interactive like games, music, applications, etc.

What was the process like for you? The process was very overwhelming at first, because I didn’t like the first 50 templates that I tried to use. Then, when trying to integrate my home page picture, it seemed to conflict with every design I tried. Eventually I found one that I liked, but even after deciding on a design it was overwhelming to fill completely blank pages with content. I tried to map what I wanted each page to look like and created the visuals before starting the text. Then when I felt the page looked good visually, I typed in the text I needed and made adjustments from there.

How well did you achieve your purpose in presenting yourself as a writer? My goal was to highlight my identity as a diverse writer, and I think I did this pretty well through showcasing my work across many genres. By including consulting presentations, blog posts, my remediation script, and my resume, I think I communicated this point effectively.

Eportfolio link: http://jmarples.wix.com/eport

As a whole, I think I can sum up my eportfolio experience with the following gif:


2 thoughts to “ePortfolio: The End of an Era”

  1. Jacob – I think you’re absolutely right that the hardest part of the process was figuring out the right template to use. Once you get a template you’re comfortable with, the whole thing becomes much easier. Your ePortfolio is really cool. I especially like your homepage with the “what is writing” board in the background and your table encapsulating what your brain thinks about writing. The site navigates really easily and you absolutely accomplished your goal of proving yourself as a diverse and talented writer. Great job!

  2. Hi Jacob,
    Can you believe we’re done? Templates are hard, I think we all probably went through moments where we just had to give up all our hard work and start from scratch again. I agree with Jeff about the “What is Writing” board in your ePortfolio, and I like how professional and clean the design is. I think you’ve done a really nice job of showing your thought process as an evolving writer through the ePortfolio. I’m sure it will only expand over time. Great work, and congrats on finishing the course!

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