Farewell student, Hello Writer!

It is crazy that we have come to the end of fall 2014 cohort’s gateway course. I am amazed at how much work we have done over the semester and how much I can say I have learned. After only 3 months I now know how to use:
-Adobe Illustrator
-Wix website to create my own eportfolio

And all of this I learned from a writing course. Crazy how much I got from a writing course that was not writing. LOL!  I gained the tools necessary to find creative ways to publish my works when I could have never imagined my work existing past a word document. Thank you to my classmates and my fabulous teacher and the professors in the minor. This has been a great semester that I can walk away from proud of my accomplishments!

I am no longer a student neither are my classmates. We are writers now with the skills to find and create mediums to publish our work. We have a voice no one can silence. So lets go out and make noise!



Here is the link to my eportfolio. Enjoy!


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