Future Cohort:

The Gateway class  is not like any other english or writing class you have taken. This class should not seem like it is for school; it should not seem like it is for a grade. This class is for YOU. In the gateway you have the freedom to create something unique that is your own. Now that I have your attention, I want to share the three most important rules for being successful in the MIW.

1) Be open minded! You never know where this class will take you.

2) Be original! You will be introduced to many new resources throughout the semester. These are valuable…so pay attention. Pool your resources and your brain power to create art that you are proud of, and that you feel has expanded who you are as a writer.

3) Be friendly! One of the greatest things about the MIW is your own cohort. No where else will you be in a class room with so many people that love to write and want to learn. Bounce ideas off of your peers, in and out of the class. Look to them for advice, and share advice with them when you can. People are your most valuable resource.


Cheesy, but it had to be done.

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  1. Thank you for your advice! As someone currently in the Gateway, I am already experiencing what you say about the cohort and how great of their advice is! And I’m glad you’re telling me to be original, because that’s something I’m just learning in this class!

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