Future MIW Students

Dear Future MIW Students,

There is a semester ahead of you that will take you by storm. You will be challenged to write new things, to be honest, to find your voice, to revise thoroughly, to stretch your creative mind and begin to mold it into a constiently changing entity. The gateway course (Writing 220)  is all that I can speak on at this point and as I am coming to the end of the course I must say that it has been quite a journey for me.  I came in thinking that all I would be doing is writing but I have indeed done way more than that.

From the very first assignment we were given I was asked to tell the truth. The prompt was “why I write.” I had to write a paper about why I write. I thought, very shallowly I must add, that I wrote to release and to get my points across and then I thought to myself that I wrote because I was good at it. This was the truth. I liked it because I was good at it. For our second project I created a magazine spread where I had to learn how to work Adobe Illustrator and format 8 pages of a magazine. From creative design to content I had to do it all. And for the third project I had to create a movie via imovie, format, edit and shoot the entire film.

In a nutshell, being a student in the Writing Minor is not for the weak hearted. We write a lot, we teach ourselves how to create new mediums for our work and we have to be innovative. It is hard work and very rewarding in the end. We have works that do not just look like a college paper but they are published and revised works that we can proudly show to anyone. It is an honor to be a writing minor student. So go forth, prosper and prove things to yourself that you never thought you could do. I know I have so why cant you?


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