Growing as a writer

My goal in creating an e-portfolio is to illustrate the progression of my writing, not just in this class, but over the course of my writing career. I want to present myself as a well-rounded writer, capable of writing in different genres and media. My work in this class was primarily fiction, and very little of it was what one typically considers “writing.” So I decided to include some of my more literal “writing” in an attempt to appear well-rounded. I’m adding to my portfolio mostly academic pieces written here at Michigan, although I’m toying with the idea of adding even earlier works, including some newspaper articles I wrote in high school. I guess the real reason I want to include these pieces is that while I am proud of the work I created in this class, it doesn’t really showcase my ability to craft words on a piece of paper. I’m proud of how that crafting skill developed, particularly last year, and I want to present it along with my newfound creative and digital abilities.

Some of the pieces I include also shed a great deal of light on my life. I think these pieces fit well with my theme of “growing as a writer,” because they illustrate some of the ways I’ve grown as a person as well (which can also be seen in the photographs on my home page). When I think about it that way, maybe I should eliminate some of the academic work I’m including and leave just the three pieces that highlight events and developments in my life. Something for me to think about…

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  1. Presenting yourself as a well-rounded writer by including multiple genres from multiple settings is a great idea; since we only had three major assignments for this class (not counting the ePortfolio) our work isn’t representative of the diversity of what we’re capable of as writers. You should definitely include writing from high school if you want to showcase how you’ve grown as a writer and a person. If you’re worried about your more academic pieces not fitting with your theme, maybe try categorizing your work so the audience can differentiate the work that shows your growth versus the work that shows your writing skills in general. Sounds like you have a great start!

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