hand written to digital struggles

After creating my digital rhetoric piece, I am now more appreciative of the literal act of writing. Although I am not fully comfortable with my own style of writing, I do feel more comfortable in writing a piece than creating a piece through a new media form. When I reflect back on my writing process versus the process of making a video, I there are more pros than cons for my writing process. I know that I can take my time in brainstorming and if something doesn’t go the way I want in writing, than it is easy to adjust and change. However, for my video project, things definitely did not go the way I had wished, meaning that I had to go back to the drawing board and brainstorm different things for a new direction. Also, it was tough to do that because with the route I decided to go (interviewing people for my project), I was dependent on people answering the questions the way I wanted to them, but only some of the interviews went that way. I just happened to ‘strike gold’ when I was given the opportunity to have a Q&A session with Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, where right at the perfect time in the middle of the session that I started to voice record him and received the best audio to help support my video project just four days before my project was due.

Therefore, I do not feel like dealing with only words is limiting because I am able to guide my own writing easier than any other way. I did not think that I would ever feel like that, but through having these different projects (from remediation to repurposing) I have been able to know what styles of writing I do like.

BUT, do not get me wrong, I am really happy that I was able to have this unique experience and create an iMovie project. Now I am able to know how to use the program and create something (along with creating the eportfolio). It just adds more to my skills that I am excited to keep using and improving.

Emily Sejna

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  1. Hi Emily,

    I’m glad to hear it finally worked out! Even though your project ultimately did not go the way you thought it would, interviewing the CEO of twitter must have been amazing. I was actually at this event and thought it was really interesting as well and definitely a valuable addition to your project. I look forward to seeing how it all came together! Did you end up using broll of your team? I know it was difficult to coordinate this original idea but just wondering what you decided on. I definitely agree that working with multimedia platforms in this case was a great learning experience and I feel as, even through the obstacles, I learned a tremendous amount and am ultimately proud of the final project.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Emily,
    Similar to Anisha, I was also at this event! In fact I saw her there and got a selfie with Dick Costolo (which was so cool). He was really down-to-earth, so I can imagine that the footage you got from him was perfect for your video. I think that interviewing him will make a great twist for your project – I can’t wait to see it!

    I’m sorry to hear that you struggled a bit with the production of your Remediation project, but I am glad that you benefitted from it overall. As you mentioned, working on this project definitely expanded our skill sets. It is evident that it helped you in showing what platform you prefer best for your writing which can only help in the future!

  3. Emily,

    I am totally with you in terms of feeling more confident in my writing ability than my ability to work in a medium that is word restrictive such as imovie. I have been thinking about this a lot as I think about my future career because I have been thinking about going into PR or Advertisement, fields that rely heavily on digital media, with just a few, potent words to express the message effectively. Its a tough job, as we all learned through our movies, but I also feel like I learned a great deal from the process.
    Further I agree that it is much easier to revise a piece of writing than it is to revise a movie, and I too often felt like my movie needed serious revision and I wasn’t sure how to do it or what direction to go in. Really cool that you got that interview, sometimes it just takes one great shot or slide to make your video as successful as you had hoped.

    I hope I get to see your final project!

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