Hi my name is Catherine, and I’m a procrastinator.

Practice what you preach.

What are things about writing that you know you should do—or want to do—but don’t. Why? What are things you tell others to do, but don’t do yourself.

I think the one thing I hate about myself more than anything else is my inability to motivate. I am a chronic procrastinator. I suffer from the worst strain of procrastination: entitled procrastination. Meaning, because I’ve gotten away with procrastinating in the past, I haven’t been compelled to change my ways. I’ve excelled in the past doing things last minute, and therefore I’ve fallen into a dangerous habit of low self-motivation. It happens mostly with schoolwork. I have too much confidence in myself. Even though my best work has come from assignments I did NOT do last minute, I still procrastinate because I’m not punished enough. Writing is a particularly dangerous task to leave to the last minute because part of the value of writing is the extensive revision and collaboration process, which takes time. But it seems I’m always the most prolific when I’m under pressure. I need help. This is all very bad, and maybe I shouldn’t be admitting it into an official academic forum. But admitting it to myself is the first step to change. And I need to change, fast.

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