I am Grateful

As another semester winds down, I find myself reflecting on all of the great things that have occurred over the past few months. While the end of the semester can feel like a breath of fresh air after numerous long nights and a lot of hard work, it’s hard for me to see this semester end as a result of how much I’ve enjoyed this class. I am grateful for T, who has been an amazing and incredibly helpful instructor all semester. I am also grateful for my peers in the Fall 2014 cohort for helping me develop my skills as a writer and for making each class fun along the way. It’s been a great opportunity to get to know a small group of people on an individual level and to see everyone’s voices to continue to grow and pop out of the page. I am hopeful that some member of our class can reconvene for the capstone course, but even if that’s not possible I’m glad I had the opportunity to learn and grow as a writer with you all. My thanks go out to all of you for a fantastic semester!


Fall 2014 Cohort – Credit: Aaron Valdez

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